Put Flint Families First!

Tell Governor Snyder and the Michigan Legislature to put families first!

It’s been two years since the Flint water crisis began and Flint residents still don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water, and there’s no clear timeline for when they’ll be able to safely use their water.

People are still reporting skin rashes and hair loss when they wash their hands in the water or bathe. People have to wake up every day and figure out how they are going to drink, cook, and bathe with bottled water. No one in this state or country should have to go through this, and our elected leaders must step up to fix this problem.

Help Flint families get the justice they deserve: Add your name today to demand that Governor Snyder and our state legislators craft a budget that puts rebuilding Flint infrastructure, and protecting families’ health and futures first.

The Snyder administration has requested $162 million in appropriations for Flint but the majority of the funding request for this year — $126 million — is still held up due to inaction from the legislature.

This is money needed by Flint residents for emergency response, food and nutrition, education and other services as a result of the state’s failures to protect public health and city residents. This doesn’t even take into account the need to replace all lead service lines in Flint and to make sure Flint residents aren’t paying for poisoned water.

The Flint Investigative Task Force cited decisions made at the state-level as the primary cause of the Flint water crisis.

People in Flint are counting on our representatives in the legislature to do the right thing for them. Tell Snyder and our representatives that they must fix what they’ve broken and reinvest in our communities to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

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